July 29, 2010

Number 8 - Picking Up Your Feet

When I was younger I was able to pick things up with my toes. From a dropped cotton bud to a Biro. I could separate each individual toe and used to 'play' an imaginary piano with my twinkle toes.
When I was very young I used to be able to suck my toes.

Now I'm pleased if I can reach my toes to dry them after a bath. As to picking anything up with them I'm just thankful that I can pick my feet up when walking and not trip over them

July 28, 2010

Number 7 - Crossing the Road

Look right; Look left; Look right again and when the road is clear go straight across the road. Do not run.
"E. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross, in case there is any traffic you did not see, or in case other traffic appears suddenly. Look out for cyclists and motorcyclists travelling between lanes of traffic. Do not walk diagonally across the road."
So we were taught as children in the 1950s.

As young adults being fit and nimble we'd scan the road as we walked.  When clear enough we would stroll across. Often in a diagonal line. Continuing in the right direction. So as not to waste time.

Then we become older. Less nimble. A bit slower. So we revert to childhood and cross directly over the road in a straight line.

We even continue to look both ways before crossing a one way street. With so many elderly motorists in town it is safer to do so. Just in case a driver is having a 'senior moment' or a tourist hasn't seen the 'No Entry' sign.

July 23, 2010

July 21, 2010

Number 5 - Positive Thinking

Positive thinking when you're older can be as simple a thing as buying a diary for 2011.

It's July and I've bought a small slim diary in the market for £1.

Not much to invest in the future.

July 19, 2010

Number 4 - Time

Slept in late. Lucky that with no appointments today I can take time to catch up, wake up, shower and breakfast.

By which time I should be awake enough to go to Club to play bridge this afternoon.

This is the life. Awesome.

July 17, 2010

Number 3: Counting Small Blessings

  1. I Eat well
  2. I Sleep well
  3. I Shit well

This being the answer I was always given by an elderly Uncle when I'd ask about his health and well being.

What more can a person ask for? Obviously we aim to achieve the highest pinnacle on Maslow's Heirachy of Needs as we climb towards the top of the pyramid. But as we age we accept that at best we may only be able to retain the most basic of needs in order to be happy and satisfied.

It's not much to ask for - is it?

Number 2 - And Today is . .

Lying in bed and trying to work out what day of the week it is today. Relief when you are able to figure it out. Yesterday you read the local rag therefore today is SATURDAY. Awesome.

It's the weekend. Whether it is a weekend or not - does it matter?

Every pensioner claims "every day is like a weekend". But if that is the case why do they all persist in shopping on Friday or Saturday to get food in for the week? Far better to shop in the quiet on a Monday. When you can snaffle all the reduced priced fresh foods that remain unsold after the busy weekend.

When I worked I can remember being irritated by all the old folk in the supermarkets. Thinking "you have all week to shop - why wait till Saturday!!"

Number 1 - First Things First

Waking in the morning and being grateful you have (survived the night that is)

In the Beginning

This is the web site that gave me the idea of celebrating 1000 Awesome Things in life. But from an Older Age Persons (OAP) viewpoint.